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34th Street Transitway

One of the most arterial roads in New York is 34th Street, home of Macy’s, the Empire State Building, Herald Square, and more. Earlier this year, to alleviate traffic, the city launched plans to create a dedicated transitway.

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Ruins of New York City

The reinvention of Times Square is complete. At least that’s what the New York Times reported today, and in the midst of a historic neighborhood change in Coney Island, this might be a sore spot for all of those who … Continue reading

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Madoff’s Pricy Property

There were more traditional ways to buy underwear. But last Saturday, all of disgraced financier Bernie Madoff’s property, including his boxer shorts were sold off to bidders. The auction was New Yorkers’ final chance to see and potentially take home … Continue reading

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2010 Election Machine Round-Up

Photo: Flickr User Patja This was an election week, and while there was some national tumult and a few surprises, most of the races in New York ended in utterly predictable results. Still, the usual political charge filled the air … Continue reading

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Finding it hard to land in Manhattan? You’re not alone.

Photograph: Dan Rosenblum Just try to find someone in Manhattan who disagrees with Jimmy McMillan. The single-issue gubernatorial candidate made national headlines after this week’s debates partly because of his unique facial hair, but also due to his core message: … Continue reading

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Expensive Pest Extermination Poll Results

A couple of weeks ago, I asked the internet some questions about exterminators. Given that exterminators aren’t cheap, plus the possibility of taking time off of work or school, I was curious to see just what people would spend upwards … Continue reading

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60 Interviews in 60 Seconds

Last week, the radio show “Seven Second Delay”  tried to interview 60 guests in 60 minutes. Over the next hour, hosts Andy Breckman and Ken Freedman interviewed artists, writers, performers and other eclectic guests. Standing by were two timekeepers from … Continue reading

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Pest Control

Exterminators can be expensive. As anyone knows, if you have mice, termites, or any other common creature in the walls, they can be impossible to root out without professional help. And yet, they can cause untold inconvenience and pain. So … Continue reading

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Let Us Now Consider Infamous Birds

I never really understood why birds are considered pests. Sure, some carry disease, and they can fly at you and make you drop your $4 iced coffee. And yes, I’d be a little scared seeing a flock of geese out … Continue reading

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