Preserving History

The Forest Hills Tennis Stadium

The Forest Hills Tennis Stadium was the original home of the US Tennis Open and hosted many of the sport’s most famous moments. The stadium’s been dormant for decades though, and has fallen into disrepair. It’s owner, the West Side Tennis Club, is in debt and the club’s board is trying to sell the stadium to solve its financial troubles. In October, however, the club’s membership voted down a plan to sell the stadium to Cord Meyer Development Company, who planned to level the stadium for condominiums. The club’s board redoubled their efforts, and they gathered proposals last month from potential buyers for the stadium. The club’s leadership seems determined to sell the stadium, but it is still reviewing the proposals it received last month. Understandably, many in the Forest Hills community don’t want to see this historic building in their neighborhood torn down. Michael Perlman, the chairman of the Rego-Forest Preservation Council, is one of those locals who would like to preserve the stadium. He is trying to get the city to landmark the stadium to keep it from getting torn down, and possibly open the door to funding for the building’s restoration. He says the Landmark’s Preservation Committee is still in the early stages of reviewing his proposal. Here is audio from interviews I did with Perlman along with photos of the stadium and the surrounding neighborhood:

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