The Lost Decades of The Second Avenue Subway

Rendering of the planned Second Avenue Subway line

The construction of the Second Avenue Subway line has made news since it broke ground three years ago because of its delays and harsh effects on local businesses and residents. But the Second Avenue Subway has been making headlines for decades before they began tunneling underground. The project is one that is more than 75 years in the making. New York Magazine even gave it the nickname “The Line That Time Forgot” in a March 2004 article.

The Second Avenue Subway has a long history as an idea and a plan, but obstacles like the Great Depression and World War II halted it from becoming something tangible. The Lexington Avenue line has long been overburdened on the East Side, so the Second Avenue Subway is long awaited. The groundbreaking ceremony in April 2007 was a celebration and local elected officials promise the new line will serve the community’s riders as well as drive local economy. But with delays upon delays, will time forget the Second Avenue Subway once again?

Here’s a look at the journey of the Second Avenue Subway and how long it has come (or hasn’t):

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