Ruins of New York City

The reinvention of Times Square is complete. At least that’s what the New York Times reported today, and in the midst of a historic neighborhood change in Coney Island, this might be a sore spot for all of those who miss the “old” New York.

But with abandoned developments, economic shifts and plain old neglect, old school seedy-seekers needn’t be disappointed: there’s plenty of grit left in the city.

There’s debate about whether abandoned buildings and disused areas are a problem. Certainly, many consider them a blight and dislike the impact of these places on their property values. Plus, residents living next door to an abandoned rowhouse can attest to the rodents and pest problems these unattended breeding grounds can bring in.

Yet there’s a draw to these abandonment that some people feel. For years, an underground contingent of photographers, explorers, artists, and other curiosity seekers have been documenting decay across the city.

Ac ouple of recent spots have been in the news recently: 5 Beekman Place in Lower Manhattan, a surprisingly opulent high-rise in Lower Manhattan, and an ambitious art installation in an abandoned Brooklyn subway station.

Take a look at the Google map to get a basic look at a few of New York’s lesser known abandoned spots. There are a dozen here, yet hundreds – maybe thousands – in the city. If you’ve got any interesting spots, please shout them out in the comments and I’ll update the map.

View NYC Area Abandoned Buildings in a larger map

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