PETA’s Over the Top Tactics

The famed animal rights organization PETA (PEople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was back in the news this week in New York. The group is know for its often outrageous and controversial public protests for animal rights, but this week the organization’s disagreement with the NYPD ended rather harmoniously. ┬áPETA said that the police were using inhumane mouse traps to combat a mice infestation at police headquarters. ┬áThe police responded by installing more humane traps.

Many incidents involving PETA over the years have not ended in amiable agreements though. The group has been a magnet for criticism and heated debate because of the shock tactics that the group commonly uses in promoting their message. Even some who support PETA’s cause believe that some of the protests the group has staged have been too excessive, and have actually hurt the promotion of animal rights.

Here are some examples of the group’s stunts over the past few years that have turned heads (photos from AP Images):

What do you think of these protests (some of which have led to arrests)? Do you think these protests are too much of a “pest” to police and pedestrians to effectively further PETA’s cause?

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