A history of the leakers at Wikileaks

Perhaps the United States government’s biggest pest — not bed bugs — is the independent site Wikileaks. The site, started by Julian Assange in 2007, has been posting leaked government and businesses documents submitted to them.

Last month, the website starting releasing to various news organizations around the world thousands of leaked cables from the US embassy. The cables, which are still being released, show various diplomats speaking frankly about the country they’re in.

People started to noticed Wikileaks after they posted the Afghanistan war logs last year, but the site has been posting high interest government leaks since 2007. Here’s a timeline of most of the major leaks Assange and his crew have been posting since their creation:

What’s the most compelling leak to you? Any huge leaks I missed? Think Wikileaks should keep leaking or be exterminated? Let me know in the comments below.

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