A ride on the C Train: The Worst Rated Subway in New York City

Daily riders of the C Train, which runs from Euclid Avenue to 168th Street in Manhattan, can enjoy the worst subway ride in New York City, according to the annual “State of the Subway” report released by the NYPIRG’s Straphanger Campaign in August.

The train scored below average in five of the six categories used to rate the trains by the Straphangers: amounted of scheduled service, delays caused by mechanical breakdowns, clarity of announcements, regularity of service and cleanliness.

The only criteria the subway rated above average was the chance of getting a seat.

“You put your bag down and all of sudden someone’s three-day-old gum on your things,” said Cate Contino, campaign coordinator for the Straphangers. “That’s not what riders want.”

The Straphangers gave each line a “MetroCard” rating, or how much bang for your buck each ride gives. Out of $2.25 — the full of a subway ride — the C Train got a rating of 0.55¢.

Some C Train riders agreed with the Straphangers’ assesment.

“It isn’t pretty to look at, it’s decrepit,” said Theresa Vouclais, daily rider of the C train. “I feel like I live in a third-world country with the amount of people on it.”

Here’s a gallery of a ride on the train to see how it fares two months later:

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