Goodbye Ruby’s Bar and Grill, Coney Island – “Still I’m Gonna Miss You”

Seth Bogdanov at Ruby’s Coney Island

Seth Bogdanov at Ruby's Coney Island

“I have been coming to Coney Island since I was 4 years old. They’re ripping the heart and soul out of this and turning it into something plastic like the rest of the city. Gentrification isn’t always a good thing. Ruby’s has been here since 1934. This place can co-exist with a Shake Shack and an Atomic Wings. They’re forgetting about the common man who has been coming here since the turn of the last century. Look at 42nd Street, it’s the same thing. Who wants a sanitized Coney Island? It’s changing and not for the better.”

Seth Bogdanov at Ruby’s Coney Island

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