Pest News Roundup – Bedbug Edition

It’s been a busy week for bedbugs. They’ve been seen around schools and a world-famous hotel; they got mentioned in a tweet by the real AP Stylebook; and they even went out on Halloween. Find out more after the jump.

  • According to the Daily News, bed bug infestations in city schools are rising. The Department of Education won’t release a list of affected schools, but it did confirm that 16 schools were infected. The number of school bed bug cases doubled from the previous year in the 2008-2009 academic year. In 2009-2010, that figure doubled again. This year 336 cases have been confirmed — with ten months left until summer vacation. The D.O.E. however, denies allegations of a bedbug epidemic.
  • Add one more to the list of the Waldorf-Astoria’s esteemed residents — bedbugs. According to Reuters, a Michigan family is suing the hotel, saying that they were infected after a stay at the historic hotel. The bugs allegedly traveled in their luggage all the way back home, where they wrecked havoc. Another woman is also suing the Waldorf-Astoria after her daughter slept on an allegedly infected cot at the hotel and got bitten, according to CBS News. Their home also had an infestation.
  • A bedbug was also found yesterday inside a classroom at the Fashion Institute of Technology, according to The Cut. According to an e-mail sent to the students, the insect was bagged and then ID’d by an exterminator, who inspected the classroom afterward and deemed it pest-free. Unlike the public school kids, FIT students are apparently unfazed — according to the Cut‘s student informant, no one reads their e-mail.
  • Bedbugs have become such a hot topic that the AP Stylebook — which sets guidelines for usage and format for news outlets nationwide — got in on the action. “An entry on bedbug – one word – has been added as the preferred spelling,” read an e-mail sent this week to on-line subscribers (they also tweeted it).
  • And of course, bedbugs made an appearance at Halloween too. Check out these costumes for pups and people.

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