Suspect Journalists

The last few months have seen an annoying trend of news reporters making news for the wrong reasons.  Today Keith Olbermann became the latest follower of this trend.

Olbermann was suspended indefinitely today from his job as anchor of MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” for making political donations to the campaigns of three Democratic Congressional candidates.  Reporters at MSNBC are required to ask permission from the company’s management before making such political donations.

Some other nationally prominent journalists who have gotten themselves into trouble lately:

It might be hard to compare making a political donation like Olbermann did to making comments that could be construed as racist like these other three cases, but do you think these incidents represent any kind of trend in journalism today?  Do you think that all of these people deserved to be fired?  And, lastly, what do you think of so much airtime and print space being taken up by journalists acting irresponsibly?

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