“If You Feed ‘Em, We Breed ‘Em” – Rid the Subways of Rats

State Senator Bill Perkins just released a study on rats in the subways of upper Manhattan.

With bed bugs stealing all the headlines lately, rats have been getting an easy ride in the ongoing debate on the most-hated NYC Pest. Now, however, New York officials have been cracking down on the best way to eliminate the detestable rodent from our subways. For some building a better mousetrap, has never seemed more urgent.

First, some interesting facts from some citywide surveys:

In light of this information, officials have  bandied about two solutions on how best to rid the subways of rats. But do they go far enough?

What do you think? Would you agree to stop eating in the subway to avoid seeing rats? Or should money be spent to corner rats where they play in the MTA? What other solutions are out there that NYC could adopt as their own?

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