New Yorkers: The Notorious Non-Voters

Frustration with Albany politics and a growing polarization of parties drove more New Yorkers than usual to the polls on Tuesday.

As Republicans and Democrats battled for Congressional control, voters at P.S. 6 on the Upper East Side said they came out to support their parties.

“More Republicans are voting today,” said Audrey, a Republican voter at P.S. 6. “They really want to be heard to make a change.”

Michael Jones, the poll coordinator at P.S. 6, said there were three times more voters at his site on Tuesday than for the primary election in September. Election inspectors at P.S. 6 said the heated gubernatorial race also attracted more voters.

“Sometimes people are tired of the same issue, like overspending. They want change. They want their voices heard,” said Denise Bourne, an election inspector at P.S. 6 who has worked at the site for 12 years.

In the end, Andrew Cuomo won the gubernatorial race, the Republicans took the House and voter turnout in New York was still low.

Here are some facts on voter turnouts in New York:

There are many myths about reasons for lower voter turnout. Why do you believe many New Yorkers don’t vote?

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