Second Avenue Sound Off

It is no secret that the creation of the Second Avenue Subway  line has caused local businesses to loose many customers, thanks in part to the unsightly mess and blocked sidewalks construction has caused.

Many of the businesses that line Second Avenue, between 96th and 72nd street, are local “mom-pop” shops wholly owned and operated by immigrants who have come to this country to live out The American Dream, but instead have pour their hard work into businesses that are failing, thanks to no fault of their own.

Since the start of construction, over 40 months ago, over 30 small businesses located along the construction path, have closed, siting a significant loss of revenue due and a  lack of support from the MTA.

At a recent rally, those same frustrated shop owners took to the streets to vocalize the lack of support they have received by New York City and the MTA.

Here are the voices of business owners and residents who share their construction woes.

JP is the owner of a very well established wine and liquor shop, on Second Avenue. According to him, revenue from walk-in traffic has dropped over 40%.
JP by sherrinanavani

Laurie Smith is a long time resident of the Upper East Side. She is frustrated at the MTA’s lack of consideration for noise pollution and she wishes they would get their construction time-lines into order.
Laurie UES Resident by sherrina.navani

Mr.Shin is the owner of a Subway(R) Restaurant and a local Nail Salon. He is one of the most vocal merchants on the Second Avenue Business Association. His wish is for the MTA to take a “walk” in his shoes for a day and feel the pressure of lack of business due to the construction.
Shin Business Owner by sherrina.navani

A long time resident of the Upper East Side, Webberman has spent over a decade in the neighborhood enjoying the local shops. He has a recommendation on how the MTA can help the merchants and also a positive outlook on what the neighborhood will be like once the construction is done.
AJWebberman UES Resident by sherrina.navani

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