So pests can be pretty cute…

About a week ago, I asked a perplexing question, can pests make great pets?

Well I guess so, as long as they are given cute names or stay far away…

Check out these responses…

What qualifies a rodent to cross over from being a disease infested yucky pest to a cute and cuddly “one of the family,” pet?

  • I think if you name it and carry for it, it’s a pet.
  • Whether or not they’ve been domesticated.
  • If you love it, it’s part of the family.
For those of you who had a pet pest, you considered your furry friend to be oh so cute!

Check out these results:

40% of you polled found pests to be cute

Although many who were polled did not have a pest as a pet, of the ones who did, they Balled Their Eyes Out when their pet pest died.

Well just like toys in a toy store, a person’s pet preference can run the gamut of rodent, dog, cat, or anything in between.

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