Poll: Facebook Friends Let Bad Habits Slide

In my last post I wrote about pest-like Facebook habits that seem to pervade everyone’s online experience. I surveyed my audience to figure out what was the most annoying trait they’ve seen in action and how they dealt with it. My respondents ranged in age from 22 to 57, were mostly centered in the Northeastern United States, and 70% female.

A whopping 50% agreed updating friends on every waking moment as most detestable. What’s more intriguing is what people have done to deal with this habit. Only three in ten changed their privacy settings, while an overwhelming seven out of ten did nothing!

What have you done to deal with this habit?

What I found most interesting were responses to the question, “How would you react if a friend told you your Facebook habits needed to be curbed?” From the sounds of it, most people are pretty sensitive to feedback from friends on this issue.

Shannon, 25, said, “I’d be insulted, but I think I’d also wonder why they had to mention it at all. They could set their settings so they don’t have to deal with my over-posting without hurting my feelings.”

Patrick, 29, put it succinctly “I’d like to say I’d change, but I’d probably be pissed”. Twenty-two year old, Bill summed it up this way,” I would actually consider taking the advice. I try to keep my Facebook posts professional, so if someone told me that something had crossed the line, I’d be concerned.”

So short of figuring out the ever-changing privacy settings, it sounds like a friendly nudge might just go a long way to reducing unwanted Facebook chatter.

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