People say Staten Island deer should stay

In my previous blog, I wrote about Staten Island Community Board 2 plea to the Department of Health to displace the estimated 24 deer living on the borough. However, people surveyed in the post disagreed with the board’s stance.

Out of the 4 people who filled out the survey, they all said that the deer should be allowed to stay on the Island.

Only one said they never encountered a deer while driving, but the others complained of encountering deer that jumped out into the road. None of them hit ever hit a deer.

Most people surveyed said that the estimated 24 deer population on the Island isn’t large enough to warrant removal.

However, some commenters said that deer cause a large hazard for motorist, one of the main reasons the Community Board asked to displace them.

“You would be surprised how much of a hazard deer cause to drivers,” said William Kline in a comment on the original post. “My father destroyed the front end of his truck when he hit a deer.”

For people who filled out the form, the population did not need to be displaced from the Island. One offered a different solution to the deer.

“It’s still a small population,” said Jon Camhi in the form, “I think that if there was some place to confine them in a park or something it would be better than trying to move them off the island.

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