Is It Our Pets Fault When They Bring in Pests?

Flicker: cloud_nine (Creative Commons)

I posted a survey a couple of weeks ago about how they thought owning pests could contribute to or help prevent a pest infestation.  The results were, well . . . mixed.

I have an admittedly small sample size: only four responses to the survey. But in many cases the respondents seemed to be split in their answers, and their wasn’t really any pattern to be found in the way people answered.

Three out of the four respondents were pet owners. Two of the pet owners said that worries about pests was not something they would consider before buying a pet, but one of the pet owners joined the only respondent without a pet in saying that they would consider pests when buying a pet.

Two people confirmed that they have had a pest problem before.  Dan owns guinea pigs and says that they seemed to add to his pest problem.  This was because he says he doesn’t always keep his pets’ cages clean.  Sherrina also admitted to having a pest problem before, a cockroach problem to be exact, but she doesn’t have any pets.  These were the only two to answer if they thought having a pet would keep pests out or bring them into the house, and both felt having a pet would bring about more pest problems.

Although the results were very mixed, I think the two most important responses were by Dan and Liza.  Dan’s point about not keeping his guinea pigs’ cages clean bares notice: if you don’t clean up after your animals they’re going to make your place really dirty, and probably more attractive to certain pests.  Liza commented that she uses Frontline flea control on her dog; this is another example of how taking care of your pets can help keep them from bringing in any pests.

So maybe the right question to ask wasn’t if having a pet would attract or prevent potential pests.  The real issue, in terms of pest prevention, is how well pet owners care for their pets, so they don’t attract pests.  Maybe it’s not our pets fault when they carry pests into the house, but rather our own faults for not cleaning and taking care of our pets.

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