Expensive Pest Extermination Poll Results

A couple of weeks ago, I asked the internet some questions about exterminators. Given that exterminators aren’t cheap, plus the possibility of taking time off of work or school, I was curious to see just what people would spend upwards of $250 for.

The people have spoken.  The internet responded with a resounding four survey results. Let’s take a look at them below.

(Let me add that because people could select as many answers they felt were appropriate, the numbers add up to more than 100%.)

Of course, this isn’t scientific, but I think the results are a little telling. People do not like creepy crawlies. People will pay to get rid of them.

Now, two hundred fifty dollars might be expensive to many, but just this week, a firehouse in San Diego spent over $46,000 to get rid of bedbugs. More locally, authorities found proof of (at least one) bedbug in a Jersey City school, just blocks away from this blogger’s home. The second poll was just as telling:

It seems that people would most likely find a temporary place to stay in a pest emergency. No one voted to burn their homes down, which is good: arson is illegal. It’s obviously easier to get a hotel room for a few days while someone else deals with your bedbug issue. Researching this, I found a pretty interesting tool: The Bed Bug Registry.

Crowdsourcing at it’s finest, the Resgistry allows people to report any hotels or motels with bedbugs. The interface and verification of the facts could use a little bit of work, but for anyone travelling or escaping pests of their own, it’s is a great resource to avoid bedbugs for the first (or second) time.

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