Cable Companies Receive Stronger Marks Than Expected

I recently reported on changes that are set to impact cable companies here in New York City.

I discussed a New York Times article that reported that Verizon Fios is going to be expanding into the New York City market.  I reported the issues I had encountered with my cable company – Time Warner Cable.

I asked you to chime in on the issue and the results are in.

My personal animosity towards Time Warner has slowly subsided.  But I was still surprised to see that 4 out of 5 of you indicated at least some degree of satisfaction with your cable company; you selected a response that stated that your cable company’s customer service was “OK.”

It isn’t “terrific,” nor is it “horrific,” according to your responses – so you avoided the extremes on this question.  However, one of you did indicate that your cable company’s customer service was “pretty bad.”

It is often preached that high quality customer service will give your business a competitive edge.  Treat your customer right.  The customer is always right.  Or so the sayings go.

It seems safe to say that if you follow certain “rules” your business will be rewarded with new customers, as well as repeat customers.

But I took it the other way when I asked you if you believe that increased competition (as in the case of Verizon Fios) leads to better customer service.  Interestingly, according to your responses, the causal relationship seems to work both ways.

All respondents believed that additional competition among cable companies could potentially improve customer service; 60% of those respondents were absolutely certain of this, and they believed that additional competition would definitely improve customer service.

Perhaps this is so, and hopefully the interjection of Verizon Fios into the market will improve the customer service that customers like you and I receive in the future.

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