Rugelach by a Brother

Alvin “Lee Lee” Smalls is baker in Harlem who specializes in making rugelach, a Jewish traditional pastry. At his shop, where he has been for nine years, Mr. Lee Lee takes orders for rugelach and other pastries from customers around the city and even as far away as Maryland and Colorado.

Starting at 6am every morning, Mr. Lee Lee takes public transportation from the Bronx to his shop in Harlem.

He recently caused a stir when his shop closed for two weeks this past summer. After doing brisk business from a local health clinic, the clinic closed and he had to find a new revenue source. He had been offered the opportunity to sell his rugelach on a large scale from a factory, but instead decided to reinvest money in his shop to keep making his baked goods by hand, the old-fashioned way.

Meet Mr. Lee Lee and learn more about his baked goods in this short video piece.

Rugelach by a Brother at Lee Lee’s Baked Goods, Harlem, USA from alva french on Vimeo.

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