College Graduates Struggle to Find Jobs

When I graduated from college in 2008, I was lucky enough to already have a job. Many of my friends and classmates weren’t as lucky, and when I was laid off a year later – I felt their pain. For eight months after that, I worked part time at a restaurant as a hostess and applied for more jobs than I can count.

According to a NY Times article this past May, class of 2010 graduates have slightly better chances of finding a job than the class of 2008 and 2009. But it’s still rough out there. Some graduates are unemployed while others are making less than graduates in previous years or working in jobs that don’t require a college education.

I sat down with three recent college grads. They don’t know each other. They went to different schools and obtained different degrees, but their experiences are similar. Here’s what they had to say and what they are doing now:

What was your experience after graduation? Do you believe it is getting any easier for college grads to find a job?

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