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I’m Sorry – I’m Busy and Broke

Have you ever wanted to write someone a letter, to tell them how you really feel? I have. Below is a note I’d write to a man I met in Union Square once, one of those “Sponsor a child!” types … Continue reading

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Squirrels Are Not Cute

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them the story of how I was chased by a squirrel. Last spring, I was walking through an apartment complex downtown where my friend lived when I spotted a squirrel behind me… … Continue reading

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Duck, Duck the Goose

While the New York battles bedbugs, Staten Islanders fight flocks of geese on its parks and fields.  The estimated 3,354 Canadian geese that squat in the borough’s public parks use the fields as their home and toilet, according to numbers … Continue reading

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Let Us Now Consider Infamous Birds

I never really understood why birds are considered pests. Sure, some carry disease, and they can fly at you and make you drop your $4 iced coffee. And yes, I’d be a little scared seeing a flock of geese out … Continue reading

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Possums, Should New Yorkers be Worried?

One night a couple of weeks ago my roommate and I noticed a small animal crawling over the fence into our backyard.  We see stray cats in the yard all the time and exploring, so we thought that we had … Continue reading

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Raccoons are the Next Bedbugs

This week, the New York Times ran a story in their Metro section with the headline, “After Bedbugs, Here Come the Raccoons.” The article is about how some boroughs – Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens – were dealing with this new … Continue reading

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Shall We Kill The Rats?

As I approached the subway entrance one morning last week, I was startled when I noticed a medium-sized rat laying on the edge of the sidewalk.  Once my initial panic-response subsided, I moved in to get a closer look.

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Gaggleing Geese are Gross

Gaggling Geese are Gross! Sherrina Navani During a recent trip to the Children’s Carousel in Staten Island, my daughter Milanya and I encountered a very disgusting obstacle course of goose feceses. It took us nearly 10 minutes to walk the … Continue reading

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Bedbugs 1, NYC 0

While listening to WNYC one morning recently, I recall one commentator asked whether or not the City was doing enough to combat bedbugs. Some might suggest, that had the City properly addressed the bedbugs issue when they resurfaced a few … Continue reading

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