Should Pet Owners Be More Scared of Pests?

Lots of people love their pets, and in a blog devoted to pest problems I think it is only right to include our pets. Having a pet can sometimes prevent- and other times cause- a pest problem. So if you’re concerned about pests do you think owning a pet is a good or bad idea?

Having a pet in the house can sometimes ward off potential pests. Dogs and cats can often detect certain pests better than we can, and many smaller pests will be afraid to come around if you have a pet on patrol.

However, pets can also attract and bring in some pests as well. The dreaded bed bugs, for instance, will attach to and feed on any warm-blooded mammal they can sink their leech-like feeding tubes in to, including cats and dogs. Also having a pet can complicate cleaning up some pest infestations because certain pesticides can’t be used around them.

I have a short survey below for people who own or want to own a pet in New York City. Let us know how you feel owning a pet affects your chances of getting a pet infestation. Does your furry friend make you feel safe at night that s/he is chasing mice and pests away from your home? Or do you shudder to think what critters they’re carrying through your door?

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