Time Warner Cable – A NYC Pest?

Three weeks ago I made an appointment with Time Warner for a cable and Internet installation.  A week later, while I waited patiently during the 3-hour appointment window, the installation technician failed to show up.

After I called the company and held on the line for an additional 15 minutes, the representative told me that the technician had come to my apartment, had called me and left a message.  But no such message was ever left.

Time Warner says it is part of their mission to “give customers control in ways that are simple and easy.”  But potential customers are rendered helpless during these “window” appointments, as they don’t know when technicians will be arriving – if at all.

Perhaps lackluster service is a result of so few players being involved in the cable/internet market here in NYC.  Time Warner seemed to be the only option available in my area of Brooklyn.

In North Carolina, AT&T – traditionally a phone company – is entering the market.  A local man there told digtriad.com he feels like a “hostage” to Time Warner.  But perhaps the new player will lead to more competition and better treatment of potential customers.

According to the New York Times, Verizon Fios is set to expand into the New York City market.  Additionally, a new contract says that Time Warner and Cablevision will soon be held accountable for arriving late to appointments.

The contract has yet to be finalized, but cable customers will be eligible for a credit equaling one full month’s bill if a technician fails to arrive on time.

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