Staten Island Community Board pushes to displace deer

Staten Island Community Board Two has requested the New York State Department of Environmental reconsider their decision against transferring the deer population on the Island to other parts of New York State.

According to a 2008 study by the DEC, Staten Island is home to at least 24 deer. Since hunting isn’t an option, the only way to get rid of these pests is displacing them, said a letter by Community Board two’s District Manager Debra A. Derrico to the DEC.

“The risk to property damage, vehicular collision and personal injury will certainly increase as the herds grow,” said Derrico in the letter sent last month. “Therefore, we must act now.”

Since the survey, deer crossing signs have been installed around the Island, however some feel it doesn’t fix the problem.

Last year, an S54 city bus struck a buck, killing it on impact. The bus sustained moderate damage, but the damage could’ve been worse if it was a car.

According to Derrico, aside from traffic hazards, deer can also have Lyme Disease-carrying ticks and perform excessive foraging – which could damage gardens and natural areas.

The deer population of Staten Island was largely thought to have disappeared, but sightings have gained frequency since 2000, according to the Staten Island Advance. Some people believe that the deer have been swimming over from New Jersey.

So have you had any experiences with deer, should they be removed from the Island? Fill out the survey below and let me know:

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