Pest Control

Exterminators can be expensive. As anyone knows, if you have mice, termites, or any other common creature in the walls, they can be impossible to root out without professional help. And yet, they can cause untold inconvenience and pain. So it makes sense that exterminators can be so expensive; when you’re desperate, you’ll pay whatever it takes to fix the problem.

Around New York and elsewhere, costs can easily run into the hundreds of dollars to get rid of an infestation. And then there’s the added inconvenience of having to move out of your home if they need chemicals to clear the area.

And then there can be consequences if an exterminator actually eliminates the problem. Earlier this month, the Associated Press reported that a number of exterminators, particularly those seeking out bedbugs were using chemicals deemed too toxic to use indoors. Says the Portland Press Herald:

Panicked by the unprecedented increase in crawly-critter infestations, people around the nation are getting desperate and making some poor choices.

Some are using chemical insecticides intended for outdoor use in their homes — spraying poisons in their own bedding, which could kill more than just bugs. Others are setting their homes and apartments on fire in their attempt to get some relief.

Then again, there’s sometimes little you can do to stop the damage from outdoor pests like squirrels, like the one which cut power to over 6,000 Bayonne residents this morning. Of course, according to the Star Ledger, it didn’t escape unharmed.

So, readers, what pests would you shell out good money money to get rid of? And what risks would you take if you were frustrated? Fill out this survey below:

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