Pest-like Facebook Habits

Everyone has encountered common household pests at some point in their lives. But, what about those nuisances that are harder to confront than with a quick call to Orkin or Terminix? The ones that affect your personal relationships online that no one really talks about to your face. Yet everyone admits that they exist. In the age of social networks, a new friends protocol has emerged, one that has isolated human pests and their annoying quirks in online form.

Facebook, and Twitter have now allowed an open door policy to all those idiosyncrasies of random acquaintances, old chums, and professional contacts living in the same fishbowl. Especially the ones you thought you could avoid. While Facebook might be a great way to keep in touch, we have probably all experienced the long lost friend who insists on tagging photos of you on a regrettable night out in a most compromising position. Or what about that random acquaintance that insists on chatting to complain about the sun not shining or the bird poop that landed on his car? Or worse still, all those annoying games and applications like Farmville and Mafia Wars that no one can get away from? While there might be preferences to address these examples, who has time to go through and understand every little setting on the Facebook privacy page?

Well, this brings me to my question. What in your opinion are some of the most pest-like tendencies you’ve encountered on Facebook? I have created a little survey to help organize your responses.

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