When Pests Become Pets

On a recent trip to our local toys store, I was stopped short by a creepy, eerily life like toy, called Zhu Zhu Pets. The $19.99 battery operated mechanical toy was created to resemble some of our most hated pests, rodents! Rats, hamsters, and mice, all in a variety of lifelike colors, and even some which were not so lifelike, (there was a rainbow colored mouse Zhu Zhu Pet. I assumed it was multicolored to represent all the gay rodents in the world.)

When did children start wanting rodent pets which squeak, run around and make an obscene noise, all on two double A batteries? But then again, I remember growing up and real pet hamster was all the rage. All the “cool kids,” had tumbling rodents, spinning endlessly on a big wheel in a steel cage.

Sorry, I never thought rodents as pets or as overpriced toy pets, are cute. I just don’t see the attraction, do you? Tell me what you think…

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