Squirrels Are Not Cute

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them the story of how I was chased by a squirrel. Last spring, I was walking through an apartment complex downtown where my friend lived when I spotted a squirrel behind me… staring at me. I walked a few steps forward. He (or she) took a few steps forward too, never taking his glaring eyes off me. As I began to walk faster, the squirrel began to pick up speed. Before I knew it, I was running from the squirrel and screaming with panic until I finally ran into one of the apartment buildings.

When I tell this story, people usually respond with something like, “But they’re so cute!”

I’m interested to hear other people’s experiences with squirrels. For example, a former coworker of mine had an ongoing battle with squirrels that were hiding in his attic and slowly ripping his house apart.

A quick Google News search for “squirrels” yielded the following results:

-They steal tomatoes.

-They dig dirt and make messes…for no reason!

-They kill trees.

Tell me about your experiences with squirrels! They’re all over NYC and they even come in different colors (brown, black, and white with red eyes). Good or Bad? – What’s the consensus on squirrels?

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