Let Us Now Consider Infamous Birds

I never really understood why birds are considered pests. Sure, some carry disease, and they can fly at you and make you drop your $4 iced coffee. And yes, I’d be a little scared seeing a flock of geese out of the window of my plane. But I’ve always liked birds. They walk funny (like me) and they can fly (unlike me).

And then this week something funny happened. I was sitting in Madison Square, having Shake Shack with a friend of mine. Above him, I saw something falling from a tree, and right onto his shirt. Bird droppings.

This can be funny (and it was), but it also helps explain a little more why people have anger directed up at the birds. Things like this can really ruin a day.

But still, I don’t think a creature that sails across the sky can truly be called a pest. You have to admire a creature that doesn’t need a Metrocard to go crosstown. Adding to that, New York City is home to a number of rare hawks, falcons, and eagles. Thanks to the New York City Audobon, you can get a nice live-cam view of a Red-Tailed Hawk nest in Queens. (They’re watching you from up in the trees, you might as well keep an eye on them.)

So readers, let us now consider infamous birds. What do you think? Are geese pests? Are pigeons “rats with wings”? A little of both? Sound off in the comments.

(And for anyone unfortunate enough to get be the target of a bird, here’s how to fix it up.)

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