Gaggleing Geese are Gross

Photo by Sherrina Navani

Gaggling Geese are Gross!

Sherrina Navani

During a recent trip to the Children’s Carousel in Staten Island, my daughter Milanya and I encountered a very disgusting obstacle course of goose feceses.

It took us nearly 10 minutes to walk the 50 feet from our car to the merry-go-round, dodging the hordes of pesky geese, which call the park home, and being careful not to step on any “steaming goose goodies.”

We finally made it to the carousel, a bit nauseated by the tons of turd, but thrilled that we had avoided getting the goose waste matter on our shoes, or so we thought.

I positioned Milanya on her favorite pink stationary horse, when I saw it, the brown and green fecal matter on the bottom of my daughter’s Dora sandals. I swear the goose standing near by seemed to smirk at me as I tried not to scream profanities.

As the population of Canadian Geese grows, Wildlife biologists and technicians have been task to control the increasing number of these pests who now call New York City Parks their homes. In July, biologists working with the Federal Agriculture Department rounded up almost 400 geese and gassed them with carbon dioxide.

Although an extreme measure, authorities justified the extermination in an effort to make the skies, around New York City, safer for humans to fly. The elimination of geese will hopeful help to avoid a similar event, which occurred January 2009. A flock of geese flew into the engines of a US Airways jetliner causing the airplane to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River.

So yes, goose poop can be annoying and, getting around theses big birds in the skies, can also be dangerous, but is it fair to annihilate these pesky birds for our convenience? Should we take their lives for the betterment of ours?

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