DON’T Give a Mouse a Cookie

For about a month now my roommates and I have been sharing our apartment with a mouse. He hasn’t chewed through anything or left any “presents,” but he has been seen feasting on a pan of leftover rice.

First we disinfected the whole apartment and plugged up all of the holes where the mouse could enter with Brill-O. That unfortunately didn’t stop him.

Next we called our landlord, who brought us glue traps, but there’s something horrible about the thought of this poor mouse getting caught in the sticky stuff. See, I’m not interested in killing or maiming the little guy. I’d rather force him out with kindness or at least something that won’t leave him disfigured.

I decided if I wanted to keep a clear conscience I had to find a “humane” way to get rid of the mouse, but some suggestions seemed too ridiculous to be true. Case in point, the UV Pro Tracker. This LED flashlight detects mouse urine, costs $49.99 and doesn’t even catch the little guy.

One site did offer helpful homemade remedies like buying mothballs or using onions, bay leaves, fresh mint leaves or peppermint oil soaked cotton balls to block possible entry ways. Apparently these things ruin their appetite and force them on their way, with all their legs still intact.

Though these tips seem easy, I’m wondering how well any of them really work. I’m all about homeopathic cures, but when it gets really bad I’m reaching for something a little stronger. Is this one of those times? Do we have to get a little tough to show this mouse who’s boss or is there a nice humane way to get rid of the little bugger? And of course, if there is a gentler way to get a mouse out, what is it?

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